Straps & Bracelets



Bracelet perfection is concave rather than convex. The completely unique concave end piece forms the transition from bracelet to chronograph body and its correct design is vitally important in ensuring the bracelet not only looks good, but comfortably fits a range of wrist sizes.  

As with all parts of the Field Engineer, the bracelet is custom designed and made.  3.5mm thick and a continuous 22mm wide, it's manufactured from solid 316L stainless steel and has 9 adjustable links that are locked into position by 316H double ended screw bolts.  

Bracelet fastening is via a butterfly clasp concealed behind a deep engraved Trident logo.  Bracelet link rows 1, 3 and 5 are brush finished. Rows 2 and 4 are polished.

Composite leather & neoprene strap

The curved end composite 22 mm straps are custom made from waterproofed leather overlying a rubber core that is thickened and profiled at the lugs.  

The inner layer of the strap is neoprene to prevent sweat absorption and give ultimate comfort in hot environments.   

The tight outer casing interface and thickened rubber core create a fixed departure angle of strap from case that combines with the deployment clasp to create a gentle but effective fastening of the chronograph to your wrist. The strap and clasp are adjustable for a wide range of wrist sizes and are particularly effective at holding the watch correctly onto slimmer wrists.

Fastening is via a multi-hinge trident engraved deployment clasp, adjustable to fit a wide range of wrist sizes. The clasp has an (almost unique) double hinge at the root of the curved inner surface to allow it to gimbal to exactly fit the curvature of your wrist.

The Field Engineer straps are made by Hirsh in Germany and any of their standard 22mm curved end straps (several shown above and below) can be substituted allowing you to easily change colours and styles.  

 Quality, Strength, Performance