The Field Engineer
Developed and refined over a ten year period, the Field Engineer is available by emailing or from The Clock Gallery, 147 Pitshanger Lane, Ealing, West London W5 1RH. 

The Field Engineer is supplied with the leather composite strap and deployment clasp fitted, and with the metal bracelet included in the box.

The Field Engineer is a triple complication chronograph that combines bespoke engineering with visual design derived from Fibonacci sequence ratios. It is as classically elegant and robust as a mechanical chronograph can be.  The Field Engineer is built from the base architecture of a Swiss integrated chronograph movement, with every part of the watch custom designed and made.  

The movement is custom manufactured in Switzerland and the watch is built in the United Kingdom, so the back plate carries the names of both countries. 

Principal material for the case, clasp and bracelet is a low carbon 316L stainless steel alloy.  Front and back glass are single crystal sapphire, with anti-reflective coatings.  

Each chronograph is fitted with a leather composite strap and deployment clasp, but also has a metal bracelet included that can be adjusted and fitted by a local jeweller.

  • 44 mm diameter, 14.5 mm thick, 132 grams on leather composite strap
  • Bespoke 316L low carbon stainless steel Faraday cage outer case, mechanically isolated rhodium plated Cu inner movement holder
  • Dual sealing on all outer case penetrations, triple seals on floating crown, all case components in 316L, 316H or Cr22
  • Three layered shock resistance with mechanically isolated movement and floating crown
  • Perfectly flat single crystal sapphire front & back crystals
  • Anti-reflection vapour coating on inner faces of sapphire crystals
  • Triple complication, 25 jewel, Swiss Valjoux movement with anti-magnetic timing & drive chains 
  • Custom grade movement with temperature resistant Be-Cu balance wheel & Co-Ni-Cr-Ti-others alloy hairspring
  • Machined and rhodium plated Cu-Zn mainplates, blue head Cu-Zn screws
  • Unique in-house replacement of day & date system, all parts Cu-Zn
  • Timing to within chronometer standard (4 sec/day, 0.5 sec/
  • Self-winding mechanism with approx 4 hours of normal wear to fully wind & Co-Ni-Cr-Fe-others alloy mainspring
  • In-house self winding rotor with cut out Trident and individual serial number engraved onto rotor arm, rhodium plated
  • 48 hour power reserve, protected against overwinding
  • Hour, minute and 1/8 second chronograph, day and date display
  • Pressure rated to 10 ATM with each watch tested to 12 ATM, collapse pressure 30 ATM
  • Long term climate tested in the arctic, tropics & deserts 
  • 4 layer dial designed for low-light and harsh-light visibility, electrically continuous with outer case for full Faraday cage magnetic shielding
  • Unique handset with C1 Super Luminova solid wafers in hour and minute hand and C3 hour markers on dial
  • No luminous markings on subdial or second hands to ensure clear night time legibility of hour and minute hands
  • All dimensions, layouts and colour variations based on numerical ratios from the Fibonacci sequence
  • Silicon impregnated leather strap with profiled natural rubber core and neoprene anti-sweat lining
  • Fixed departure angle of strap from case to provide maximum comfort and stability on slim as well as thicker wrists
  • 316L stainless steel butterfly-hinge clasp with engraved Trident logo
  • 316L stainless steel bracelet with Trident logo deep engraved into butterfly clasp. Adjustable links secured with 316H double headed screw bolts
  • Both the bracelet & strap are included with each watch, 22 mm lug separation for non OEM straps/bracelets
  • Leather presentation and travel case suitable for up to 2 watches
  • Information, manufacturing and service record on USB Dog Tag memory stick
  • 2 year Warranty & a Lifetime Guarantee
  • Standard build is with a Tachymeter bezel case, with the Roman Numeral bezel case available as a no cost option
The heart of the Field Engineer is a Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement, finished to a top echelon grade in Switzerland and then modified in London to perfectly match and fit the Field Engineer inner movement holder, dial, day/date and hand arrangement.  The complete time chain and timing mechanism are made from anti-magnetic alloys, with extensive use of rhodium plating, main plate decorative machining and blued screws. The drive chain is anti-magnetic with the exception of a 5% Fe content in the self-winding system alloy.  The 7750 movement is an integrated 25 jewel unit with shock absorbing on all main bearings, making it a supremely solid and reliable timepiece. Shock absorbing is further enhanced by the internal movement holder, outer case alloys and design, and through mechanical isolation of the movement from the case. The dial layering, chapter ring and casing provide electrical continuity for Faraday cage magnetic shielding. Standard 7750 day and date mechanisms are replaced with a unique, double O, arrangement that re-configures and offsets them below the 3 o'clock line to ensure the overall watch maintains adherence to the Fibonacci sequence.

The Fibonacci sequence is the simplest of number patterns; 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34... and features in many natural forms as well as art and architecture since classical Greece.  It was first analysed and understood during the 12th Century European Renaissance, at the same time that numbering switched from Roman to Arabic, the Indian concept of a zero was introduced, and paper began to displace parchment; three small and obscure changes that suddenly made everything possible. The closed form solution of the Fibonacci sequence is a ratio of 1 to 0.618, often called the golden ratio due to its perfectly balanced visual proportions.  The Field Engineer uses some obvious sections of the number sequence, but more subtly relies on the ratios within the sequence for all its visual design.


The serial number of each chronograph is engraved into the self winding rotor visible through the sapphire crystal back. 








Warranty & Guarantee

Within the limitations of mechanical watches, there isn't much in day-to-day life that will destroy a Field Engineer. If you break a crown, button, sapphire crystal, damage the movement or do anything else from any reasonable level of accident (dropping onto a tiled floor for instance) over the first 2 years of ownership then just send it back and it will be repaired or replaced. The warranty extends to the strap, clasp and bracelet. You can swim or shower with the leather strap as it is silicon impregnated to be more waterproof than your skin, but please be careful with high DEET mosquito repellents as they can dissolve the neoprene lining and leave a black stain on your wrist.  The Warranty is very easy going as I haven't found anything yet that isn't a perfectly reasonable way of breaking a watch.

If you manage to break an OFFSHORE Professional Field Engineer through something not covered by the Warranty, like running over it with a car, then I will replace it at half the price of a new one. This is a (my) lifetime guarantee regardless of any abuse, lack of servicing or number of owners. Failure analysis is a important part of engineering and from a dent or damage, I can back calculate the impact energy and physical deceleration that caused it, and hence the energy levels that were absorbed or transmitted through each of the shock absorbing layers. The designed deceleration limit before timing and movement exceeds tolerance is 1000G laterally and 600G axially, so if you do accidentally drop it try and do so sideways.

Quality, Strength, Performance