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The name change reflects all chronographs being built to chronometer standards with the 775M2 calibre movement and of course, all being designed and engineered for use in a marine environment as well as the boardroom.

The new web site by John Egerton of EGE webdesign is altogether a lot slicker than this one and will format itself to actually work on tablets, Apples, smart phones. will go offline in due course.


Built for individuals ...   

Inspired solely by the desire to 'do it perfectly', OFFSHORE Professional chronographs are built from the ground up to be as coherent and perfect as possible. Fibonacci sequence number patterns have been used to achieve a unique and timeless style that is outside trends or fashions, and bespoke engineering with hand-built construction ensure the ultimate quality and exclusivity. 

The chronograph is named OFFSHORE after the environment portable timepieces first strove to master, and Field Engineer because although science and mathematics are the basis of progress, they're only ideas until you actually get out in the field and engineer a solution.  The Trident is the symbol of Britannia and fittingly denotes mastery over machines, the seas and ultimately time itself.

Full specification and price are on the Chronographs page.

 Built for individuals