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Classic Chronographs Ltd is run by myself, Lorne Gifford.  I am a professional subsea engineer with a day job working in the development and operation of some of the deepest and most complex oil fields around the world; a job that has taken me to some very unusual and environmentally hostile parts of our planet.  As the oil & gas industry moves towards its sunset I've also moved, into both offshore renewables and hvdc interconnectors.  Making renewable power generation work requires very large grids to level the intermittency of wind and solar activity. Connectivity is key and this is where hvdc interconnectors come into play as they pool and level the renewable generation of different countries. I'm particularly proud of the UK-Germany interconnector, NeuConnect, which I developed with two colleagues.  Aside from engineering, I have a long abiding love of chronographs, over the years owning, and to be honest breaking, a variety of makes.  My aim with OFFSHORE Professional is to make chronographs I love and can happily wear wherever I am.

The trident is from Britannia, the figurehead of Great Britain.  

Over 2000 years old, but Britannia still looks good.  Her helmet is Corinthian, shield is Pict, the lion's from African and the trident is Roman, but the girl is all British.  She looks good because the ratio of shoulder height over hip height is 1:0.618, which is the closed-form solution to the Fibonacci ratio. Britannia embodies the notion of ideas and concepts from around the world being bought together into a single coherent unit. It was a philosophy that triggered the industrial revolution and propelled the world into the modern era. 

Navigate with a watch by holding a pen vertically at the centre of the dial and rotating the watch so the shadow falls along the hour hand. Halfway from the shadow to the 12 o-clock line is North.  South of the equator the same method gives you South. Works perfectly in a desert.

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